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A life well lived

A life well lived

What you need is a life worth living.

And a life worth remembering.

When you can look back, with fondness to the days gone by, be it a bus ride in Ireland, in a magical citiy called Cork.

Or a dramatic breakup, when you felt guilty and shameful, but you knew you had to live it all, and explore the unkown.

Or an aikido club in Iceland you never joined, cause working as a dishwasher just took all your time and will.

And the elves in the magical hills,and the old lady with an elf house, who let you sit there and have tea for a really long time.

Or the time you never quite made it to the old Hawaii, cause the road was too narrow, and sleeping on holy ground was not a good idea.

You have to go beyond the "good" and "bad" life. this is not to say, that you should do wrong for the sake of doing it..


that you don't spend your life in fear of making a mistake, and not live at all.

It will bring you madness, it will bring you grief, it can take you to the edge and beyond, some times for weeks, months, years even.,

But from a point in time, "sub specie aeternitatis", as the philosophers would say..

It is just beauty of patterns, colours and notes, like a singing caleidoscope, that you call your past.

It isn't really realy, or so the buddhist say, but that does not matter; some days you have to allow nostalgia, because the Now, is just not bareable.

Just remember, that one day, you will be looking at this moment in time, with fondness and love, a smile on your face.

And that will be a life



You can turn it all into beauty or you can keep playing small and add suffering to the world.

The Choice is yours.

What will it be little one?

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