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A little help from you friends

Little one,

the Path is the everyday mind.

Said a monk who boved, to the statue of Vairocana,


And the truth is, nothing short of the Great Perfefection will do.

And you are but a translator, or an alchemist, if you please.

But you have seen the Light of Emptyness, and you sat sat in the Great Silence and you have touched the Void.

And yes, then all hell broke lose, as it often does, for there is a quite a bit of work to do,

before you can release all the debris , and let Love IN.

But then again, all the great masters had to Embody realization, not just pontificate on it, or run away from their body,

Because it is not easy

to stay on earth in this great, great, great time of change.

But little one,

you have the tools, you have the Teacher, you have a friend Master, with a Wizard smile, a Volva who fears nothing and even Green Tara came to visit yesterday, or was it vajrajogini?

Whou would know, you are but an elf, staring up at the stars,

deciding firmly, not to seek the fault in your stars,

but to focus on the moral Law within you, and the Stary soul of the Night above you.

And, you get to fight the good fight, and you have many friends,

In the end, this embodiment, might not be




And since you ARE in this body, you might as well lear, to STAY in it, moment, by moment, by moment.. as the great Hahn and the Great Lama are trying to teach you :)

It can be soooo much FUN! :)

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