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A prayer in prose

A prayer in prose

Love your dogs, find your way back to your God, and live in the Truth of who you are

All else is details.

And no, neither the gods nor Truth or the Love you feel for your dog can or ought to be defined.

Maribor 25.6.2'24

Once you give the keys of your life to God

any-thing and every-thing can happen,

And often it DOES.

It is not about avoiding responsibility.

That is giving the keys to another, much lower part of you.

It is quite the opposite, once you say "Thy will be done" or whatever version of that you prefer.

You are committing yourself to perseverance. loyalty, utmost respect, and to the utmost integrity.

You may sometimes, or very often, or most of the time come short, but you will recognize it, make amends, and aim to to do better.

Life becomes easier and harder at the same time.

Maybe simpler is a better term,

It becomes harder in the Kierkegaardian sense, but simpler in the sense that you know, everything is written

and you have to play your part.

And the Divine Mother in all of Her forms is watching over you.

And the angels will have your back, as you will be attacked from the front, back, left and right and all 6 directions, as a wise Sufi once noted.

But it is your good fight, and what would a man do without his good fight?

Which is, simply put, finding something to die for, and then deciding to live for it.

Once you give up the keys to your life to God

God hands them back to you

shows you a narrow-winded path, which is the straightest of all Paths possible.

And your job is to drive, walk, run, crawl, drag yourself by the bootstraps or dance, and jump and take a jolly walk to the very Heart of God.,

Which is ultimately

the heart of Humanity and all creation.

So say your prayers, and jump into the Mystery.

Only the fools aim to be wise.

The wise give up all pretense of wisdom

and learn to play

the fool




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