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A story of War, Peace and Love

A story of War, Peace and Love

We are all warriors

it is who we are

it is who we always have been.

We heard the call,

and the call came from our hearts,


to our soul.

Samurai is service

Come what may.

We shall persevere!

Or so we though..

But the Truth is Jesus has been crucified on so many battlefields,

since time immemorial.

And most of wars was but a misunderstanding,

that was really not


nor needed.

And He came to bring Peace within our hearts,

so the sword would not be needed.

But we in our ignorance

and arrogance.

We missed the mark

and were forced

to shed blood,

and wield swords

for this or that cause…

When the only cause truly worth fighting for

is LOVE.

And until that becomes a living reality in our heart of hearts;

all is but



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