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A View from Above

A View from Above

The Truth is that we have all been brainwashed.

And brain dead.

And more or less brainless.

And what is worse.

Compassion became a luxury.

Which is a normal response to trauma.

The trauma of the virus.

And the trauma of almost complete lack of appropriate response to it.

And all the suppressed anger at being treated like children.

It is a weird time.

And as the school pf Light teaches us: when transformation happens.

The energy of harmony drops.

I pray for drops of of compassion from Jupiter and all the places and spaces where the fountains of faith, love and charity are still open.

We will needs them.

Lest we create even more trauma upon trauma by acting from a place of fear.

Fear is always the wrong answer

Said a wise person from a meme.

We better come to know it soon.

Starting with our true...


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