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A Warrior's prayer

A Warrior's prayer

I am afraid

of the dark


Not that it would harm me.

It cannot

touch me.

Not really.

Not in the essence of who


I am more afraid

it would spill over,

and cause the horror

and madness

to harm those

I love.

And I guess,

there is no guarantee

that it would not happen.

But then agai:

a policeman

or a soldier,

or a father in a warzone,

does what is needed.

And there is no guarantee,

except for

the blessings of the Gods,

the refuge of the High One,

the ancestral protections,

the prayers of our grandmothers,

the sword of our grandfathers,

and ultimately…

The knowing

that cannot be expressed

with words.

Come what may

I wil do, be and become

all that is needed.

And leave the rest

to Existence.


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