About an elf and a dog

Updated: Sep 15

About an elf and a dog

He loved his dog.

She loved him.

She had special name, which could be translated as "the white one".

And she did bring much light his life.

When he was sad, she would make him smile.

When he was angry, she would calm him donwn.

When he was crazy, one look from her, would bring him back to his heart.

She came from land beyond the mountain in Narnia.

And when she was brough home, she was as small , to be held in palm of her hand.

And everyone loved her, except those with closead hearts, and people who took life to seriously.

She way royal like her "mother" and cray like her "father".

It was her destiny to be, "the lighbringer" bringer of joy to the hearts of men.

And as all the inhabitants of the orange brick town knew, she did her job well.

Maybe it is time we hold to our dogs and our Gods, whatever that means for us.

For myself, being a blasphemous heretic ; I see very little difference between the two.

Blessings from the White one who came from Sirius, to show us not to be so


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