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Alarīks speech

Spoken by a Germanic chief right before his execution by the Romans

“Look me in the eye and you will see my descendants. Generation after generation. Through them I shall live. Your actions cannot change that. Long after your lineage is forgotten my descendants will remember our people, for our connection is older than time itself. We are the people of the Tree. I will swear my oath again here and now, so you will know.

My blood, the blood of my descendants, the memory, bound to the earth. You cannot destroy that which is eterrnal. Blood is binding, it will return. Your violence and sacrifices are in vain, we will survive. My blood, one with the earth, my blood connected to the Tree. You sleep, we know. Thus I swear that no connection is ever lost. Thus I swear: our flame burns bright as long as one descendant survives. The blood is strong and the blood will speak long after you have drawn your last breath.

We will not forget and we will restore what you've destroyed. Long from now our descendants will return home, they will remember and the world will know.”


99 AD

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