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Allowing III -Ecstasy

Allowing III -Ecstasy

You have to allow.

ALL of God,

even that part

of you that you are sure

you can't.

Especially that one.

For where is your fear,

there is your work

as great Swiss Alchemist once said.

The wound is the Healing.

and you are not really going

from darkness to Light.

You are simply recognizing

the inner luminosity,

that has always been there.

In the barking of the Dog.

In the scream of a Woman

melting into orgasmic bliss.

In the sacred silence

of the morning rising to great you.

In the rambling of a drunken lunatic,

that has become aware

that all the world is a stage.

And until you can play ALL the roles

and play them out

to the best of your ability

Do what makes you come alive

and do it in a way

that inspires other

to be their true selves.

All else

is basically

spiritual posturing

and only adds insult to injury

too your true, magnificent, joyous, ecstatic



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