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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

You still have to live your life.

Despite the pandemics,

despite the nazis,

Trying to take over


Despite lost loves,

failed relationships,

upcoming catastrophes.


revolutions brewing,


painful memories,

And all the shabang,

that tries to wear you down.

You have to live,

and live fully.

With joy and gusto,

and a smile

on your face.

Even if,

and especially if,

tt seems impossible.

You do it as a recognition,

that joy ripped from the jaws of despair,

is greater,

than anything else,

you can partake in.

As the Master of the very good:


said often.

And he knew,

as the joyous heroes,

of the holy city,

know all to well.

Make one small step towards joy,

and Joy,

WILL come rushing towards you.

And shower you with blessings of Grace.

It is truly,

an amazing Grace

To be


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