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My ancestors were wise , flexible and adaptable people. This is how and and WHY they survived. If they realised that a new insight, technology or method is superior to the old, they would immediately adapt and change. It is called evolution. My (whom I never met) grandfather brought new techniques of farming from a foreign land. My great uncle said publicly that the Emperor is bitch (which he was at that point, since, he allow millions to die for nothing); My other uncle told the Nazis, they CAN NOT take away his apprentice, for if they do ,he won't be able to fulfill the order he was forced to do, and they can freely go and tell this to their superiors. He was playing with fire, but he was saving a life, An example I am proud of and will always follow! My uncle paid a price, and yet, he barely escaped a death sentence as the monarchy collapsed. During the war, my grandmother would help anyone who needed help, despite their clear convictions on what is right and what is wrong. Knowing all this, I allow myself to adapt, change, transform, and learn from anyone and anything that comes, as a superior source of wisdom, truth and Beauty. And let the dead bury their own dead, as Yeshua taught, so I may aim for the Kingdom of God, right here

and right


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