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Ancestral GIFT

Ancestral GIFT

I just got a very strong feeling today that we, in the Balkans and generally in Slavic cultural area, are not fully aware of the amazing treasure hidden in our culture, tradition, songs, stories, and tales of our grandmothers and the strength of our grandfathers.

I am not only talking about the herbalism, folk medicine, magic, and wisdom they held but the very ENERGY that they radiated and the LIGHT that they held.

Anyone who lives here and spend a few days in the woods (must do soon again!) can tell you what I am talking about.

Every herbal tea you drink to get well is a testimony to a fact, that the ancient medicine is NOT forgotten.

Every time you remember that you can build a house, take care of a wound or stay calm in the midst of the storm, you are reminded of the amazing GIFTS, TALENTS, and POWER that your ancestors brought through for you.


RE-MEMBER and carry it on!

Slava prednikom! ( Honour our ancestors)

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