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Asking THE Question

Asking THE Question

"Who do you truly want to show up as on this planet?" Christina Lozano

Because sometimes

History IS calling to you!

And it is just a jump that needs to be made.,

It is a risk that , if left out , would leave you wondering "what if! for the rest of your lives.

What needs to be done,

needs to be done.

And we honour the one who payed this price before us.

So those after us do not have to.

It is what being a Man means for me.

(has nothing to with gender, but with energy)

What makes you come alive?

The answer just might give your life purpose.

If you are brave enough

to ASK...

I keep asking that question

and I come from a ling line of people who never stopped asking it.

And this is why I have the privilege and honour to able to keep asking.

Do you?

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