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You have the wagging tail

and you have

what you call


And you have a home

and every day it is


to feel more like


And you are a servant of Beauty

and everything is becoming


and it is time for Grace

and Gratitude

as you watch Babylon burn.

And you pray

to the infinite handed One

that She

lessens the suffering of mankind

starting with

your own.

New Life is aririving

softly with a morning dew.

Learn to walk on earth

like the modern Bodhidharma

and see what


And little one

the Blacksmith

does not complain

over the heat

nor does the Torchbearer

curse the darkness.

Do what is needed,

become what is neccesary

and let the dead bury their own dead

as you go

and dance

brinigin the Kindgom of Heaven

into your every single


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