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Bad apple

Bad apple

You cane be a powerful mage.

but with a heart of stone.

and all your blessings and love and light


End up being hexes and curses

and you don't even know it

You can look like a serene Buddha

and under that fake smile,

a storm Is brewing.

And the drunk, high

crack pot in the dustbin,

is way further on the Path

than you ever will be

going on like this.

You can be a motivational speaker,

with antidepressants in your pocket,

and the only people who come to your seminars,

are just as fake as you are.

You can be anything

or anything.

But if you can walk,

on the rough edge of life,

with an open heart.

All your achievements,

are dust in the wind,

or worse

piles of manure.

But those




a purpose.

And the only service you provide


a bad


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