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Balancing act

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Balancing act

On Life, (im)balance and chutzpat

“Don't ask for a good life, ask to be Good AT LIFE.”

A thought from the morning of 21.2.2023

Few words on living with my mental imbalances.

Which are obvious as fuck, so why bother hiding it?

I have a friend, his name is Sam.

He travelled the world on a bike, when told he might not have much till his kidney fail.

He is still alive and kicking, and he did so much to bring awareness to Alport’s syndrome;

a specific medical condition, where your kidneys start to fail.

He is a light of the world!

I met him on a workshop in Maribor.

He literally drove in on his bike.

At that time, I was going through a really specifically hard period of my life, for reasons I cannot discuss here.

I was in madness beyond madness, for a few years.

That was hell of all hells.

And I had to watch people I love go through worse hell.

But as always, by the Grace od God, an angel in the form of my teacher showed up, and eventually, showed us a way out of that hell.

New hells came to come later, but at that time, I just took as a part of life, without the drama I usually attached to events.

And that is actually, the only "solution" to the problem of mental, emotional, energetic and other imbalances.

It is not a magic pill, it a survival strategy at first and then, when one is "out of the woods"

it becomes a way of Life.

It works if you work it,

And you need to find your own specific way that works for you.

But it works.

At least for me.

How do I know?

I am still here.

And 10 years ago I was told (with best intentons by people who wanted to help) that my best chance was to live the rest of my life on antidepressants like a vegetable.

(Sam from England was also told at best he has months or few years to live- he is still going strong from what I can see)

I chose not to.

I still choose daily.

That is all the knowledge, all the secret and all that one's hear has

to give.

Happy hunting.

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