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Battle scars

It's the battle scars

and the old wounds

that still hurt.

From battles you fought,

in what seems now

eons away.

And it hurts to hurt the one you love,

beacuse you are hurt youself.

And there is too much hurt

in the world,

to add insult to injury

and fail to see,

what the Teacher came to teach you.

There are no differences betwen Yeshua

and the One eyed One.

Anyone who claims different,

is merely expressing

his lack of wisdom.

You are both little one,

the mad Berserker

and the gentle hearted Poet.

And some other things,

that are better

not expounded

too directly.

Pray for peace,

but never sell your sword,

said the Magician.

Who lived his personal legend,

and inspired you

to do the same.

You are just beginnig little one,

and what better way to start..

Then with a praise

and offering

to the High One.

For the Teacher himself

needs not sacrifice;

apart from the willingness to Love

no matter


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