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Beating death

Beating death

You can't beat life,

but you can beat life in death


said Bukowski.

And he was right.

Nor should you beat death,

would I add.

Death is a part of life,

like the passing of the seasons,

or the rising

and the falling of the tides.

When things die,

do not try

to resuscitate them.

Not even for such a "good"


or a grand truth.

Death is final.

Resurrection is a whole other


It is not that it cannot be done.

It is just not advisable,

unless you are Jesus

or something like that.

Resurrect yourself,

every day



and un-creating

all you were


That will give you

more than enough lives to live,

in this one.

And in every



Id that is not beating death

in Life

I don't know what is.

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