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Beyond the Beyond

Beyond the Beyond

You are not "Beyond all that"

Unless you are, but then you aren't reading this.

And then you know, that there is always another layer, there is always the next turn of the spiral,

there is always higher peak to climb, there is always a deeper cavern to look into.

You are not beyond that,

because if you were, you would feel no need to claim you are.

Eagles don't need to brag about how high then can fly.

The just SOAR.

So my friend, I do not think you, or me or anyone is "Beyond all that"

whatever beyond and that, happens to be.

Humility, is something has to be earned every day, again and again,

and it has nothing to do with kneeling or self-depreciation.

All of those are egoic posture, aiming to prove, how humble you are,

which defeats the point.

Humility is something that happens naturally.

Or something that you beaten into

by LIFE.

Whichever Path you happen to choose.

So, my friend

By al means go Beyond, and stay Beyond and LIVE from the Beyond,

but think you are beyond all this human stuff,

simply because you I

are still


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