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Birdsong Ragnarok

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Birdsong Ragnarok

I want to hear the Birds

sing again.

And i want to find my peace,

in the Peace of the wild things

And i want to know,

that i can touch Beauty,

without being cursed,


or deceived.

And I am sad,

that we live in a world.

Where one has to feel guilty,

for feeling good.

Since the "Law"

seems to be here to frighten,

rather than to protect.

And i wake up in cold sweat,

and in a silent scream of


As if pandemics,


and all the sufferings,

our ancestors had to go through.

Were not enough,

of a teaching?

I find my peace,

in the Peace of The wild things,

and the Ancient River,

that will take us all


I welcome Ragnarok,

with and open heart,

and and an open mind.

And just do,

what I always wanted

To do :

Create Beauty.

And know,

that this

(With a bit of grit)

can get you through.

just about,


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