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Brigid- the Pilgrimage

He was going to meet Brigid.

And he did not know it yet.

It was one of the many names for the Goddess.

Though this term has been bastardized to he point of unrecognizability

by the new age bunch.

Not that anything was wrong with trying out new things, he was always up for it..

But sacred things needed to be treated with respect, and humility they deserve and the wisdom that is required.

But that is another story.

There he was, walking the Land.

He had no idea where exactly he was going, he just knew what the goal is.

Of course, he fell in love with the Read-Haired one.

He did his usual (ancient) spiritual playboy thing, without even trying, it came naturally.

She had that Jezzbel, forbidden dangerous touch to her smile

And he could rarely resist that.

This time he did not have to, Nature made sure of it.

He still thought it would almost have worked, had he not been too eager…

But that didn't matter, 3 hours later he was on to the next grand thing.

Like leading the procession of pilgrims, one of the first ones,

There were many more to come.

He liked starting things and abhorred having to stay any longer, than necessary- as HE would deem it necessary.

His behemoth of a spiritual Ego was something that was rare- even in this day and age, but, if guided properly, it could be of great service.

So the Goddess from the North, the actual crone, not one of his many projections, allowed him to carry the Lamp, just a few kilometers from the next. Sacred Place to which they were walking towards

And they chanted songs, chants, and prayers to the Exalted One.

And even Slavic Berserkers from another land and time were permitted to join the sacred task.,

And he was honored, and he was grateful, and LIfe was God and magic was alive and the Goddess was afoot.

And they did come to the sacred hill, and Tara did smile upon them.

One of the many word games he liked to play and found it ingenious and sneered at anyone who didn't.

But, Lo and behold…Merlin was already staying at the sacred hill, and Tibetan chants were heard there also.

And the Lady, who was later to sing the songs of the Land, was there also.

And he knew she would be the one to carry the Song.

He had an eye for such things.

And they sat in the circle, and magically came about and Beautiful things were borne that day...

And he touched the Lia Fáil- the stone of destiny, and he asked for many things.

And they all call came to pass, or are yet to come to pass.

For when you sincerely ask the Ancients for a Quest.. they gladly provide one, taking such small things as survival and sanity as irrelevant.

You asked, and NATURE set things in motion.

He would become more careful with addressing the infinite in the future, but now he was young and happy and "gay" sotospeak.

They did visit Bru Na Boyne later, and there were amazing Elders and ancient ones there, speaking of wondrous things.

But he was too distracted notice.

He was still thinking of the Read-Haired one.

And what he did wrong.

And he could not realize why she seems so distant now.

But then in the next 3 seconds, did not really matter much, he walked the Path of the Red-Haired One, and She was Exalted.

And he was grateful.

He would meet Her in many forms in years to come.

And this time, in a weird way.

he Knew it.

Dear reader, this is a part of my New Novel in the making.

You may pre-order it before it is done, or you may support me on Patreon, where I will publish more parts of it.

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