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Maybe it is time for a change.

I mean realy change,

not that little tinkering

we call change;

and is ultimately an


to the grandeur

of the real Thing.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

none but ourselves can free our mind.

sang the Prophet.

And he did not take a day off,

and he sang a day after being shot.

He was tough

and he was gentle

he was a Man.

Bless you Bob,

and bless you Bobby

for all the mysteries you hid in the Sands.

"Revolution happens when it can no longer be prevented".

maybe it is time:

for the Lion to ROAR

and the Earth to tremble..

For we are starting to hear, sense and feel

the gentle thuder..

of the Glory

of the coming


the LORD.

Call it Ragnarok,

Call it Armagedon

Call what you want..

We are on Nature's time Now...

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