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Changing of the guard

Changing of the guard

We come from a different time.

From a time beyond time.

With long lines, lineages, fairy tale like stories, written in history, by the will, power, persistence and Love,

of those that came before us.

We carry gifts, talents, stories and miracles, from a time beyond time.

Little trinkets, a symbol, a smile, a story, a piece of Life.

Inscribed in stone, silver, gold or most valuable : or own hearts.

We fought wars, we started civilizations, we created the creators of the creators.

We sailed the high seas, we climbed the great hights, we did what was needed, what was possible,

what was impossible.

We spread the limits of impossible thin, and the broke them all down.

We are here, in this great time change.

To see what else is possible,

what great glory, mystery an adventure awaits us.

We are (in) you.

We are next to you.

We are (in) the sound of silent rain,

the echo of an ancient song,

a silent hum of the hummingbird

We are Life and we are ready.

Are you?

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