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Charge of the Goddess

Charge of the Goddess

We are all witches and kings,

we are all wizards with wings

We are lovers of life,

we are all here to denounce the strife.

We (can) all fly on our brooms,

and we all howl at the moon.

We are all made of magic and new star(t)s,

and we are all landing from botj venus and mars.

We are all filledof doubts, fearsand shame,

and we are all a pure roaring potential,

screaming His and Her


200, 300, or 400 times

chant the name of the Goddess.

and dissolve hate's darts.

By the sun and the moon,

and stars and the sky..

the time has come

For a (wo)man to live...

to one's old self

one must be willing



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