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Conscious creation (Bardelfpoetry)

Conscious creation (Bardelfpoetry)

A conscious creation workshop

Poetry is basically life playing itself out through a particular human being put on paper.

This will be an exploration of who we are through poetry, rhyme and silence.

1month 4 meetings

+1 on 1 review meeting 120 EU (30 per meeting -payed at the beginning)

Commitment for at least one month required (Possibility for 3 and 9 months deep work. ) (on 1 to 1 basis )

It is a path of deep connection to ourselves, through the medium of the Word.

Prose, poetry, freestyle, it is not about the form, but the

Once we have basic rules in place we can do a lot and go many places. Investment ;

Commitment to all meetings is required.

Dates and hours will be set later on, depending on participants.

All are welcome, but feel into, if this is the right thing for you.

I will do a short interview with anyone who is seriously interested.

Love, joy and creativity to and for all!

Introduction interview before starting OBLIGATORY

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