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Core and cellular healing

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Description of the work according to my teacher Ger Lyons.

This work combines the use of active living mystic prayer, together with ancient Celtic traditional healing transmissions, and sound, music, exercises, invocations and healing incantations, all skillfully adapted and developed to align with modern life and language that we can understand.

By clearing and purifying the core cellular memory, where trauma and programming is stored at its origins, we can release permanently the patterning, behaviours and old stagnant and deadened energy that no longer serves us. This affects every aspect and level of ourselves, breathing new life, energy, passion and creativity into the body.

Every cell carries memory which holds and stores impressions of everything we ever experience. This imprinting is like a complex matrix of mind sets, belief systems, ways of the world that we have been taught as children, and given from birth, from society, from our family experience, cultural conditioning, ancestors, etc. All this programming may not be congruent with what our soul has come to experience, discover or explore.

Each individual person will begin to explore and continue to discover the true nature of what they have come here to experience. There are many exciting revelations and expanding experiences to have as this unique process of illumination runs through your body and your life.

I offer individual sessions via zoom and weekly virtual circles till further notice.

Live workshop will continue as soon as possible.

more info:

Price : 100 EU (1,5 hour)

sliding scale available : 40-100

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