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Learn to kiss the ground,

as the Sufi said.

And spread Islam,

more or less


Not the religion,

( you were not born Muslim nor should you try to be!),

but the Reality;

of submission

to Truth.

For as another wise Lady said :

The Prophet

IS Enlightenment.

And you little one,

are a grain of sand,

in a wild flower,

and the voice of the hummingbird.

And the best you can do


to SING!

As for all your rituals,


and ideas about the Divine..

They are probably,

except when they come from the heart,

are and an act of pure service

(and you know the difference)

and they actually work..

More or less

a counterfeit.

Find the Jewel in the Lotus

The radiance of a thousand exploding suns

The Reality of the Star,

The moon

And the sun..

And then, when all your illusions are burned away

You can sit

and really


The Ground.

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