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My Story - Creator of Beauty

Updated: May 2, 2023

A bit about my current Work and my Life story.

I personally have no powers. Nobody really has them. And at the same time, we all (potentially) have them.

All "power" comes from God/Creator, from the Quantum Field - whatever label suits you best. Otherwise, I loved helping people from a young age, before I knew anything about energy or spirituality.

If I have to choose a milestone, it is the day I met my Teacher Ger Lyons. I was invited to a workshop that I absolutely did not want to go to, but I was in such a bad state of health that I had not slept for about a month.

I was literally "a living corpse" Classical medicine, along with psychology, could not help me, and in desperation, I "tried" this new thing.

After the first day of skepticism and distrust, on the second day of the workshop, I experienced a breakthrough that cannot be called anything other than grace. And within a couple of hours, after a very cathartic experience, I was completely cured of all symptoms, along with incredible serenity and a new outlook on life.

I knew then that this was the moment when Jesus, in The Bible, said to his disciples: "Leave everything and follow me." "

Except that I didn't follow Ger as a person - but the wisdom and energy that flowed through him, then I traveled all over the world and experienced many such moments later, but this was the start of my Path.

It was about inner awareness or a moment of certainty that cannot be expressed in words or logic. I could list 100 reasons why, but none of them would be enough.

At the same time, none would be needed. A famous philosopher/mathematician had once said to have said of his spiritual beliefs that it is the same certainty with which he knows that mathematical laws are correct.

This inner certainty that I felt actually goes beyond even that level.

But it is completely subjective and basically inexplicable.

Yes, for sure. As a great skeptic, I needed a lot of experience. Both pleasant and unpleasant. Both miraculous and every day. I could tell you for hours all the things I've experienced, but no one would believe me, not even myself, if I hadn't experienced them - some of them I still wonder if they happened. But no experience reaches inner certainty or the mystical "knowing" that the mystic and Zen master Willigis Jäger talks about. I do not place myself in this category of giants, but I can understand what he writes about, but only now, after a decade and a half of research.

Again, we could debate a lot about Newton's physical laws and quantum ones, which are popular now. In reality, it is only a direct experiential learning of the laws of Nature or the Universe, which are eternal, and each culture and paradigm of science describes and understands them in its own way. Simply put: it's not about the same laws, just a deeper understanding of them.

To know yourself as deeply as possible, to know the Mind of God, and through this, to serve as many people as possible and offer them the opportunity to embark on this Journey. Healing is actually just a byproduct. Otherwise, I'm happy if things change for people, but it's more important to me that they themselves connect with their essence and experientially - in their own way - experience what I experience myself.

It depends on where. In certain cultures, let's say in our culture; we are quite reserved about it, but abroad and around the world, it is perfectly acceptable and understood.

Even science is slowly treading the Path of "mysticism" and the invisible. Sometimes I find it a bit funny when I listen to superficial "criticisms" based on "science" that has been disproved for at least 100 years. There is a small sea of ​​literature for those who want to learn. Of course, in the end, it is not about proving but about personal experience, inner decision, and openness of each individual. Everyone has their own Path. And each one is valid for the one who walks on it.

I wrote it in the middle of the pandemic, locked in lockdown in Ireland with a colleague.

I was very unhappy, angry, and desperate for many reasons and the general situation.

The songs somehow came as an "answer to my prayers." I wrote them almost in a lyrical outpouring, without thinking and almost without changing. They represent a mixture of "soul speech" and, grandiosely speaking, "transcendental wisdom" because some of them sound like they were not written by me.

And in a sense, they came "from elsewhere." At least, that's how I experience them. They are here to serve humanity, at least those who find it worth reading. It is not just classical poetry but something to be felt and perhaps read as a meditation in an altered state of consciousness. At least, ideally. But everyone can read them as they wish.

There is no such thing as one medicine or another. This is a very limited view that is outdated even in serious scientific circles.

There are different "cures" for different problems. If I have a broken leg, of course, I will go to the doctor to straighten it and put it in a cast.

If I have problems with my psyche, I will go to a psychotherapist and understand myself better through conversation and analysis.

But if I am interested in exploring myself, my depths, energy, and the unseen world, I can perhaps find a wise, trustworthy, (preferably enlightened) Master who has devoted his life to this work. All of the above can work together successfully if we put aside our personalities and egos.

This is already happening in many places. It is only a matter of time before this will be possible in our country as well. Regardless of the limited thinking and interests of certain lobbies - it will happen; the development of consciousness cannot be stopped.

But it is true that every culture has its "wise people"; maybe the problem is that in our culture, with rare exceptions, we have lost or because of the scandals of religious institutions, we "degraded" them. I find this problematic, and I hope that we can rediscover their wisdom and adapt it so that it is acceptable, useful, and helpful to people in today's time of great change. This is also part of my "mission."

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