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Crossing Heaven

First, you have to make peace with yourself.

Before you go any further.

Before you go any further, start close in, start with the ground, you know, as the White poet said.

And I remember the teaching of a Wise Kahuna, passed on to me by his student on Maui a few years ago.

It goes something like this: As one approaches emotions, one must be like a Master of the House, like a Father, he loves all of his children, but he does not allow them to take over and make a mess.

And funny thing, on the other side of the world, Freud came to the same conclusion, following very different methods and logic.

And Yeshua, that wise Son of Man, whose birth we shall soon celebrate in Christendom, said something similar :" A House Divided Cannot Stand".

And then Adamus said we had to do things meticulously.

It seems we have to take the bull by the horns; only it is not a bull; it is an Aurochs, an ancient pre-historical beast, the size of probably ten bulls.

But still, our ancestors, as a rite of initiation, hunted them.

I think we need a combination of a prehistoric Hunter that hunted Aurochouses and a gentle Lao Tze-like master in one person, on different days of the week,

There are such people.

I know one or two.

Both of them I made my teachers, and they are one of the few people I actually listen to.

Yesterday, after writing a Christmas carol that opened up an abyss and blew some fuses, I came across Eckart Tolle's "The Power of Now," a book I read decades ago.

And as I was listening to Eckhart's voice, I felt the Peace he was talking about.

May that Peace find you, and may you find it.

And don't worry, for the Peace that you are seeking, also seeking


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