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Dance of the Gods

"Those who throw dust at the sun, the dust falls in their own eyes."

Bowl of Saki, March 4, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Dance of the Gods

Give what you can,

release what no longer serves you,

energy needs to move.

And the waves of the sea

never doubt ,

they belong

to the Ocean.

Become the wave,

become the sea,

become the place where ,

sea welcomes the wave,

as the weave merges into

the Sea.

The dust thrown at the sun

falls back on the eyes of the blind;

and the great Sufi said.

There is nothing to worry about little one,

apart from losing your connection

to self.

Which is in essence another


The sun shines

on everyone:

the lost,

the sacred,

the hidden,

and the holy.

May the swirls of holy wood,

paint the beauty of your life

as Sau'rn

watches over

the Unfolding.


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