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Deep Listening

There were days, when he would hold on to the blanket he sat on in the workshop...

in the hope that the energy of it would somehow protect him from the darkness that descended,

And There were days he would hang on to one word or a sentence he heard from his Teacher, hoping for the solution to all the madness he was engulfed in

would somehow magically appear.

And it would be about a decade later he would hear the Teacher speak of the Healing Mountain one must climb, again and again, and again.

And how sometimes there is no food

or no shelter

And how the Storms come

And how the Buffalo is sacred, for he goes into the Storm


And of many wonderous and magical things.

And he exploded only once or twice, and it was more or less appropriate.

He could still not shut up and listen to the Teaching, as he needed to be everything He knew.

But at least he became aware of it when the Wise woman gently ordered him to LISTEN.

And there was something about how first the man drank a drink, and then the drink the man.

But he lost the next pearls as he was too busy expounding HIS important message that he felt everyone had to hear.

And he apologized, and it was ok.

And maybe next time, he will learn to listen.

To the sound of the Voice.

To the Deep Silence.

To the Whisper of the trees

To the silent touch of what he truly loves.

And more.

In the olden day, such disrespect would cost him his head or at least a limb.

Luckily, these were not the olden days.

And his Teacher really liked him.

So he would tolerate a lot.

All in all, it was about a decade into his Journey.

And he climbed many mountains.

And the next one might be


But he danced as a whirling Dervish, and he managed to be silent for a day and Listen the next day.

And he ended up by the Grace of the Almighty, not falling to pieces, not possessed, and not half-dead

The last day.

And even if the World seemed upside down.

He had Life to go back to

a purpose,

and a direction.

And that, notwithstanding all of it

was not

a small


Perhaps, he will truly ALLLOW the Sun that shines on Everyone

to this time

toch his gentle, silken soul

As he embarks

to follow the Dragon

on his next


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