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Degrees of the Heart

Degrees of the Heart


we all got university degrees.

some of us two,

I know people that got three

or more.

And yes,

we all worked in the gutter.

some of us a little.

I know people who did more.

And yes we all read the books,

the whole library,

or two,

or three.

And yes,

we did the work,

or at least started,

for a decade or two.

But had we not opened our hearts,

and kept them open

which is a lifetime's


All is naught and vanity.

And the world was made to follow a woman,

and her holy face

Shine's upon us.

And the Truth is,

we do not need to know,

what all of this means,

When it is time

our hearts will open,

and we will know

everything that is needed to be known

and more.

By the power of our compassion,

the length of our joy,

and the Truth

of all

of who we


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