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Divnity of the Flesh

He always had a dislike for the holier-than-thou approach.

In himself and in others.

So they said flesh was sinful.

And they equate that which is holy with that which is to be avoided,

In the name of fake "holiness."

He knew it was just another trick, a way to cut people off from their power.

Once the door to the holy inside them was closed

They had to seek God in temples of stone and pay church tax instead of paying homage...

To the Secret Indwelling God.

And people fell for it.

Once they were scared out of their wits of their true Nature,

they started believing that it is somehow "safer" to have God introduced by diversion.

And that one cannot, should not, or at least perhaps would not be wise, to talk to the Almighty directly.

And to an extent, of course, it is not safe.

But neither is crossing the street or taking a bath.

More people die in their bathtubs and crossing streets than in seeking God.

And the deeper reality, or the trick, or the manipulation, was the idea,

that God was outside, and extreme dualism came after that.

It was all about power, and even if it was well-meaning, some good men honestly believed they were saving souls.

by castrating Yeshua with their preaching.

It was all planned, and it was

A mirage.

And it leads to abuse, and it leads to horrible things.

And then the blame was attributed to people themselves.

He knew how that felt.

And he knew the cost of denying who you truly are.

And he was willing to pay that cost.

As the "mad" monks of the past were.

He was willing to be called mad, bad, crazy, and whatnot.

For even a slim chance of the ecstasy of God that LIFE itself represents.

And he knew as long he could stay non-attached to the experience,

the only "limitation" were the words of St. Augustine (who had his share of ecstasy=

LOVE and thou what you will.

For that, Love will set limits to pride, vanity, and egoic impulses.

No other law, damnation, adjuration, or admonishment ever has or will.

And that simply because Love is the silent whisper of the Divine

in one true


If one only has ears to hear and eyes to


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