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Sometimes you have dreams.

And they just don't turn out the way you wanted to.

And this is a part of life.

And if you do not learn how to let go. (Not saying tis' easy)

It can turn into somethinng else.

A living nightmare.

Of your own creation.

And you have none to blame, but yourself. (not that blame is an emotion I would encourage)

Sometimes, the problem is just the problem, and it is your job to solve it.

And ruminating on what could have been, or might have been, or should have been.

becomes a dangerous addiction, that gives birth to things, you do not want to even imagine.

I know it from experience; I have seen it in myself and in others.

So, my friend, by all means, HAVE DREAMS


Learn to update your dreams often, and give birth to new ones...

lest you dash your foot agains a stone, of your solidified ego.

But more importantly : LIVE THEM!

An inspire others, to do

the same.

Let me know when you get there!

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