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It was a fuckup.

And it was mad.

And it was pure horror.

And for some or other reason,

that you still don't quite


and maybe this is not the point.

Maybe it is time to over stand

and not seek the fault in your own

or other's


For we are never really hurt by Love

but by our misunderstanding of Her.

She has no business

in the dramas we play out

for infinities,

beyond number.

For as you know..

there is no feeling so alone

as the one you are hurting

is your own,

as the wise bard said.

And he is right.

There is some high ground that is not worth taking

and some connections are not worth making.

Little one,

that which what you call karma,

is something you don't really understand.

And the only way through

is beyond.

Here and now,

here and now,

even if you need to spend a year or two in the forest

and vent your rage

like a mad wolf...

To let the badness that has had it's way

to dissolve..

So Love can once again

find Her way

to you.

But then again little one...

If you are already


You can’t really go crazy😊

And it is not really good for your soul

to not go crazy..

Every once

In a blue

Moon. 😊

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