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It was all good.

All of it.

You get to look in the world of Kings and Queens.,

The world you believed yourself, never belonged to.

And the truth is, you did not really fit in.

And that is ok.

Sometimes you need to find out what you are not, to find out what you are.

And it was about growing up and having a mirror held against you.

And the ability to sit with what you saw and not run a way

is a pricelless lesson,

that could have been learned in a much harder


And you have stories to share.

Epic stories.

And it all ended up well, relatively speaking.

By the blessing of your Teacher, the presence of the Great one and the better angels of your own Nature.

And it is truly a time to let it go an dedicate the "merit" of it all

to All sentient beings

and see what happens


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