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Executive order A different Christmas carol

Executive order

A different Christmas carol

2020 relieved us of the “duty” to try to be who we are not.

It gave us permission to stop trying to hard,

and slow down.

And see what happens.

It gave us an executive order, ordering us to stop messing around and step into out power.

It showed us, that even going nowhere,

we can go anywhere.

It liberated us of the pretense, the appearance, that the system, despite being imperfections, is the best we have.

It is not even broken, it was messed up from the start.

But this is not about the system.

It is about how out systems were re-set.


New firmware installed.

No the center does not hold.

We have to become the center of our own worlds.

And allow people that fan our flames to gravitate towards us.

I am slowly making peace with all that happened.

I pray, that by the end of the year, all of the lessons of 2020 are learned,

all of the self-deception, unhelpful phantasms and imaginary weaknesses are also also relieved of their duty.

So I and perhaps we, will not have re-live 2020 ever


And we won't,

Whatever 2021 has in store for us.

We will be ready.

By the grace God and all the Gods, by Beauty, Love and Wisdom of the Christian tradition, by the power of Yule and the Light of Hanukkah, with the wisdom of all the masters and our own true mastery

we shall overcome.

Merry Christmas


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