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Faith and blasphemy

Faith and blasphemy

It is just faith,

being tested

by fate.

It is what faith is for,

and it how

fate is made.

It is the manifest destiny,

that you make happen

by the will alone,

that you have set

in motion.

Though if you lack ,

Love and compassion,

the dark side is right behind you

offering you trinkets

of “power”

Like a thief in the dark.

Grow into your strength,

make it your won,

and give grace to God

for the chance to do so.

All else is ego manic,




age old blasphemy,

on steroids.

This is what your Dad,

tried to teach you,

a long time ago,

but you were to young,

and waaaaay to arrogant

to get it.

Give respect to the Father,

the Son

and the holy


By it's grace,

we are


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