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Finding your (S)elf

Finding your (S)elf

[preface : this is not medical advice or spiritual teaching

It' just poetry.

If facing clinical depression,

consult your local doctor, shaman, priest, elf, tree or whatnot]

You have to know how to be depressed.

It is a lost art.

Not the negativity and complaining and deadness.

But the courage to dive deep,

dig deeper

and see what the red book

has to teach you.

It is the ebb and the flow of life

and allowing

the darkness to shine.

It is where all the poets,



and even saints

draw their inspiration.

You have to know,

when to stop,

the incessant jabber

of toxic positivity

and spiritual


And other junk food dishes

in the new age supermarket.

See things for what they are

and let Nature

guide you Home.

You have to also know,

when to to stop.

How and when

to step out


into the light.

This is what separates

a shaman

from a patient.

The veil between the two

is usually very


And it is not clear

which side you are on.

This is the lost art

of navigating sorrow.

Lesson one

on the journey

to the depths of who you


Let me know when you find



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