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Fireside chat

Fireside chat

Ok, little one,

we need to have a conversation.

That judging yourself thing you do,

that's got to go.

Nothing to be discussed,

as the Mother said it clearly.

It has actually nothing do with love

First you have to learn about respect.

Love is not something you learn,

it is something you allow.

We are getting this to you in this form,

because you just fail to get it.

That's ok,

most of humans dont get it,

They don't want to get it.

They are waiting for some grand thing to happen;

like a saviour,

or Armageddon or whatnot

It is not how it works,

not at all.

It is much more simple.

You let it happen,

and this is it,

yours truly

the Dragons Council

P.s. Yes this is us the dragon, shut up your mind, it is in the way of ...

just about anything really.

Rainbow little one, RAIN BOW.

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