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Fragile Happiness

Fragile Happiness

It is a fragile happiness

That can truly bring us joy.

It is the moment of high, jumping your jump rope

A dog running around in the background.

When you know, no matter what happen:

All will be well.

It is the silent moment,

In a dark room,

with burning candles..

And the sense of Presence

You can almost touch.

It is a well cooked meal.

Cooked and eaten

by yourself

in the peace of all things.

It is well done training,

when you passed your limits,

and stepped one step closer

to what you want to become.

It is a long and arduous battle:


Not against anyone.

But for yourself.

It is the payment coming in,

for something changed someone’s life.

And neither he or she nor you

have no idea how.

It is the moment before you fall asleep,

after a day well lived,

Knowing not and not needing to know

What tomorrow

Will bring.

All of it is beautiful

And all of it works

As long you can stay



To all and every single


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