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From Babylon to Berlin On Gratitude

From Babylon to Berlin

On Gratitude

And then you re-member, that you have SOOOOOO many reasons to be


Right now

and always.

And you thank Sani, for his wisdom and you make peace, with Sa'urn.

For you remember the endless days, in which you craved for the comfort of the night.

And the scary night that seemed

never ending.

And you remember what depression

really mans.

And all the talk of black dogs and wolves,

is nothing

comparing to the real thing.

And you give thanx,

to the shining Lights

that got you through,

and you honour the messenger, who lit up your heart;

so it was kept burning

and it never ceased.

And sometimes you have to go Babylon and Berlin

so to speak,

just to see, how every breath you take,

and every cent you spend

on a coffee,

on a sunny day

is Gift from the Gods!

And an amazing Grace

from the Allmighty creators of all things.

Praise the Elohim.

And glory be to Yeshuah

and glorified be Her Name!

For all the Joy, the Life and the Glory,

the Kingdom,

and The Light of the world

is at hand.

If you can only learn

to listen,

and be

Gracefullly full of


For every single


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