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Going mental From darkness in(to) the Light

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Going mental

From darkness in(to) the Light

Why are we so afraid of mental illness?

Those who are suffering from it, and cannot hide it, we shut down into mental asylums and pretend they don’t exists.

I won't get into the debate of how we ought to treat them, for honestly, every individual is his own story and I am neither qualified, nor wise, and certainly not arrogant to think I know better.

But I know a bit about that dark hole.

I have been in it, and I have spent years in it.

And the only reason I got out of it, is probably the good kind of madness inside me, that never gave up, the kindness of my teachers and family and mostly the Grace of God.

It is good to remind myself of it every once in a while, when I feel like becoming arrogant.

I guess it is time to let those parts of me go, and truly realize it was all good and more than that and it was just a path I chose to walk.


Does it matter?

Not really.

Maybe to be a bit humbler, a bit more real, and a bit more open, to see what Life has in store for me.

What is the point of this writing?

You tell me.

Where do you /I go crazy and are afraid to admit it?

Where do you/I hide your madness, the good and the bad kind?

Where do you /I judge people you consider mad or crazy?

Some good questions to ask.

I am here, grateful and graceful, that I am still here, in deep reverence of LIfethat created my path and all the winding roads that got me here.

Keep asking, stop judging.

A little more conversation a little less judgement..

I pray nobody ever has to go through what I went through (unless they choose too) and that we all, day by day, let go all the POV, judgements, decision, calculations, and computations about things we know little or nothing about.

Would that not be a much lighter choice?

With love and respect

Uncle Sam(o)

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