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"When Grief has no way of being named it has nowhere to go but in." Dr Mia Hetenyi

And I will speak of grief and heartbreak.

And all of the stories that could never be told.

Simply because people did not have time to.

And yes, stories need to be told, and yes one needs to be bold and real and raw.

And any attempt to evade or escape that in the name of whatever…

Is not a kind thing to do to oneself.

Yes ,you can bring it to wisdom, but you first have to tell the story.

This is where most of new age party tricks fail.

And most of the non-dual crap that passes for "spiritual" these days.

Also just sit with it is also a poor answer.

It is like saying to someone to just sit in the trenches of WW2 and wait till it passes dead bodies are lying everywhere around him and insists him to “feel good”.

It is about authenticity, although this word is being thrown around and paraded by people way too often and too much.

But do not try to be authentic.

You can't fake it, you can't find an algorithm for it, it cannot be bought or sold.

And no, A.I: will never be able to do it.

No matter how much data you feed into it.

Yes, the time of machines can make our life easier and more practical, because spending half of the time when writing an engaging article finding annotations IS a waste of time.

But carving a wooden figure, planting a tree and watching it grow


Learn to sit with whatever you are going through and allow yourself to chill the fuck down.

Do what is needed, provide for whom you need.

But give yourself time.

It is the highest form of Love


Thank you for your attention.

May you Allow the growth of the sacred tree you call your Life

in accordance with the Seasons

and pet your dog an cat.

It helps.

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