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What does healing look like?

It can be many things

It can be making a tortilla with whatever is left in your fridge and putting an egg in it, because someone once said it tastes good, and it does.

It can be listening to chants in languages you don't understand, from religions you don't really like because the energy behind them feels comforting sometimes.

It can be writing half-baked pieces on eternal things that make little sense, but are in a sense an act of sense-making.

It can be going to work selling stuff that you believe in and actually works to strangers, cause it is better than losing yourself in your own mind.

It can be shutting oneself from the world for a time and letting your Life re-assemble itself as it needs to.

it can be reaching out to teachers and guides, not really feeling the connection, but knowing Grief has its own way of doing so and the Wise Ones know that all too well.

It can be many things and more.

It can be anything.

And everything,

It is not (merely) a technique or a download or some magic trick, though all of that can and sometimes does help.

healing is not what you think it is and it's not what you want it to be and it is whatever it needs to be.

If you can allow it, but not force it to be whatever it needs to be

it just might


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