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Healingtree book reviews

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Reviews for my book:

"Samo 's poetry is really so beautiful I can highly recommend Samo's book of poems, it is full of love and exciting transformative energy. It speaks the truth of the heart and the higher self."


Just received a very healing and beautiful poem by the Bard Samo. From the first word I read, it truly resonated. With much gratitude, I can say that his words are of much value on a soul level as well. I will read it daily and also say the words out loud. Powerful stuff. I highly recommend. #themaytreeisme

With his collection of poetry, Samo has shared with us not just words, but experience. The meaning is layered - some layers touches your mind while others pierce the heart and soul. You will find new dimension and meaning with each subsequent read, a true sinking in of understanding that comes with profound healing. Thank you Samo.


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