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Hommage to Mary part II

Hommage to Mary (Marija) part II

All of our grandmothers were witches. WISE WOMEN, as the term witch has been made into a bad thing by the men of cloth.

Bless them for they know not what they do.

So was my grandmother.


Her prayers moved mountains.

Her pancakes were the best.

Her tea's and magic potions made any ilness go away.

She was a embodiment of kindness (at least to me), but she could become a raging fire you did not want to be around.

The point is all our grandmothers were witches and all of our grandfathers were warriors.

In some way shape or form.

They lived through hell and beyond, and complained little, smiled a lot and made fun.

We are carried on the shoulders of giants and our ancestry is a direct line to source.

Yes, there are beliefs, ideas and patterns that are not serving us anymore, and those need to go.

But a purely energetic basis : WE GOT THIS.

And so do you!

We call them in now.

We call them IN.

See you in the other side!

Thank you grandma.

Fort the all of it.

I know you are with me, watching over me, from the other..


Let us see, what else is possible.


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