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Hymn to beauty

Because little one,

the Truth is: you have to do your magic,

Come what may.

And there are aspects of you, that are waiting to received, like Mewlana, would receive any of his guests.

Or as the Sufis, would wellcome any wanderer, no matter how weary, or lost, as a messenger from the Mystery.

And even Perun and the ancient gods, of what you call your ancestors, have a chair, at the High Table.

For all is one and One is all.

And they are all encircling The One.

And there is not contradiction, no heresy and no problem really.

For the World tree grows in all traditions,

and maybe,

just maybe,

your job is not even mastering the trraditions of others, no matter how pure or majestic they seem.

But to plant a seed.

and see, what slowly, but surely



the Sacred Ground

of this breath,

and this



Happy Birthday Rumi, I walk in your footsteps

I believe in Beauty

And the magic hidden in plan


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