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Infinity's end

Infinity's end

And I shall call forth the fire from

and in the Heavens,

to protect the litle ones.

To keep our circle strong,

to keep our hearts burning,

and make sure

the world is born anew

every single day.

And the runes shall dance the sacred dance,

and the sacred ones fall into trance,

and the wheels of karma turn,

as what we call karma


And the center truly does not hold,

for the is nothing to hold onto

it has always been empty,

and always held in place

by the power of our Love.

All else is but flickering shades

with little truth in in it.

So as all the stories we have told ourselves

about ourselves and other, come to their well deserved


The truth is the sacred bond is strengthened

by the hand

of a friend.

Sacred fire,

sacred stone,

sacred many,

sacred One.

The end is the beginning

beginning is the end.

The sound of silence

till infinity's


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