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"The battle ends, but it is never over, until you don't get up."

Shiedmaiden in Vikings, Valhalla.

I had a rough few days.

To put it lighlty.

And rough is relative term, depending on your sensibility, state of mind and how deeply you feel things.

And I am not out of the woods yet.

There is a another inner journey tha awaits me, and I must yet gather myself enough to be ready for it,

And yet I have learned a lot,

I have learned, that sometimes, the real cowardice is to go to war, when that is not called for.

I have learned that the world right now (one timeline at least) feels like a ghetto street, full of addicts, living in living hell.

One of those that Gabot Mate, the great jewish Hungarian Saint worked in.

And one has to be discerning to act appropriately to the situation that is presented to him.

And that one cannot and must not deny that reality.

Though one tirelessly works to change it.

If one is called for it.

My mother spent her life working with alcoholics.

Those that everyone else gave up on and were forced into rehab.,

Because her dad was an acoholic.

My dad worked and still works with some of the hardest cases of mental ilness.

Which many gave up on.

Because he saw that ilness was evepresent all around him.

My teacher (god bless his mighty soul!) works with living hell, and brings drops of heaven to it, and patiently waters the garden,

till flowers of compassion grow.

It seems my Path is carved up for me.

(though it is surely not what my mind thinks it is)

At least for the time being.

And on this part of the Path, discernment is of the highgest value.

The ride might get a bit bumpier little mighty ones.

Fasten your seatbells, some of you know what I am speaking of,

Some of you are about to find out.

I AM a Poet, Berserker, a creator of wor(l)ds, a traveller, and traverser of space time...

and WE are All Magicians NOW!

I AM responsibe for my Path and I fully accept it, come what may!

Even and especially since I have no idea what it entails!

May the blessing of God our Allmighty Creator of all things, be upon us all.

We will surely need it.

I surely


Peace starts with me, and this is the only thing, tha might bring and end

to war.

As the Great Master Hahn, realised, knew and beautifully incarnated this Truth.

And I am in a way, at least for a week, his (unwilling) student,


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